Critical Acclaim

Critical Acclaim

Critical Acclaim for Windows to the Womb: Revealing the Conscious Baby from Conception to Birth

By momof2:
As a mother of two children and one who is very interested in prenatal & infant development, I found myself entranced by this beautifully refreshing take on human life.  When I ordered it, I figured it would be similar to most what to expect when youre expecting books and might not provide much depth beyond what I already knew.  I was wrong. I could not put it down. The author seamlessly pulled me along through feelings of curiosity, sheer awe, and near breathlessness. It contained the most fascinating description of life in the womb that Ive ever read. I feel this book has completely changed the way I view myself, my children, and everyone I come into contact with. This is not just for mothers or father-to-be, this book is for everyone because everyone has very, very personally walked through this journey of conception through birth and can take away something from this book that will better the world. I can only hope I will experience pregnancy & birth another time in my life, and take my newly acquired perspectives into it, fully conscious of the miraculous person within.

Thomas R. Verny, MD, Psychiatrist, Best Selling Author and Pioneer of Birth Psychology
Windows to the Womb is a lovely book, unique, down to earth yet scientifically sound. It reads very easily, making difficult concepts accessible even for a person not familiar with brain science…

Sheldon Stoff, Ed.D, Emeritus Professor, Adelphi University
This book is a wonderful read, and, without doubt, one of the great books of our time. The author unfolds before us a new and deeper insight into human gestation and an inside view of who you and I really are. In doing so, he destroys the very foundation of a solely materialistic and false view of humanity and the world, yet does not just leave us amid the debris of old and inadequate vistas. He opens those all-important windows to new vision and understanding.

Raylene Phillips, MD, Neonatologist:
Thank you for writing such a wonderful book; I read it from cover to cover with wonder and joy! In all my medical training as a neonatologist, I have never encountered a more exciting description of human embryology. It is riveting! Thank you for sharing the stories (never found in textbooks) that document the reality of prenatal and birth memories. This book is a breakthrough in our understanding and appreciation of the sentient wholeness of babies in the womb. What a crowning achievement…!

Julie and Francois Gerland, Bonnac, France:
Your book… is a more than an important contribution; it will change our world. It is on our recommended and compulsory reading list for students and friends alike.\

Phyllis and Marshall Klaus, pioneers of Bonding
This book is incredible…a masterpiece…a herculean effort by a master clinician and researcher to help us understand the depth and importance of our early experiences and how they shape our lives.

William R. Emerson, Ph.D., Pioneer and Leader in Birth Psychology
Windows to the Womb, takes us into the next generation, initiated by Vernys classic, The Secret Life of the Unborn Child. After three decades of research into life in the womb, Chamberlain has unleashed a torrent of new information bolstered by research and informed by interesting case studies. David has established a clinical and scientific basis for a new paradigm of childbirth where babies take their place as equal partners in the bonding and birth process. This is a classic in birth psychology and a gift to babies, families, and mankind.

Jeane Rhodes, Ph.D, Educator and Journal Editor
I just completed Windows to the Womb, and recommend it to everyone. The world needs this book now here and ready to be explored, shared, and celebrated. Thank you, Dr. Chamberlain, from the bottom of my heart for your wisdom, humor, and clarity in sharing all of this with us.

William F. Pillow, Jr. , Five Stars Review on Amazon
Perhaps the most remarkable aspects of this book are its revolutionary empirical details about fetal memories reported by young children and the lucid and entrancing writing style of its author. The first chapters take any uninformed reader through a captivating learning experience of the exciting details of how a human comes to be, written in easily understood prose. Much of the latter part of the book contains anecdotal individual case reports, each followed by brief clinical commentaries. There is no mistaking the significant impact that the research exemplified by this book must have on health professionals as well as the clergy and even pro-life advocates. Prospective parents and other laity will substantially enhance their understanding and appreciation for fetuses as little humans, especially since traumatic emotional events experienced by parents can be sensed and affect fetuses for an indeterminate future, yet go undetected and unsuccessfully treated with traditional obstetric, pediatric, and psychological care. Worth many times its purchase price!

Jon Richard and Troya Turner, Creators of Whole Self Therapy
In his marvelously friendly, conversational manner, Dr. Chamberlain illustrates the most current discoveries and developments in the fields of pregnancy & birthing. This book is a must read for every practitioner and because of its creatively spun story style for every pregnant and already parent. If you want to know how you or your child came into being this book gives you the detailed odyssey in a way that will bring you to an appreciation of Mother Natures most astounding mystery the mystery of life that starts even before conception.